Eat, learn, succeed!

That’s what student nutrition programs in Northumberland County are all about.

Hi! My name is Beth Kolisnyk and I am the Community Development Coordinator for Northumberland Food for Thought.

Last year close to 6000 students in Northumberland County benefited from a breakfast, lunch, or snack program at school. These programs are open to all and promote healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Looking for a way to help your local school community? Interested in spending time with a fantastic group of dedicated volunteers? Then contact me to find a school in your area!

By coming together with a common goal... we can make sure that students in Northumberland County receive the food they need to be ready to learn.

Donate Now
All donations are made through Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit.  The Health Unit provides NFFT with in-kind accounting services.  All donations are used by NFFT to assist Northumberland County Student Nutrition Programs.donatenow4 (2)

Food for Thought Asks for Cobourg’s Help – Northumberland Today (July 14/15)

Northumberland Food For Thought provides big benefits to local students on a bare-bones budget. Representatives Kimberley Leadbeater and Susan Greenwood attended Cobourg Council this week to ask for $300 to assist them with a special project, but first offered some information on the work they do. The non-profit organization has representation from the health unit, school boards, municipalities, community agencies and the food industry. They work together for a common goal: to promote, assist and support the school-nutrition programs that run locally. Their fundraising sees 100% of proceeds going to this purpose.