Eat, learn, succeed!

That’s what student nutrition programs in Northumberland County are all about.

Hi! My name is Beth Kolisnyk and I am the Community Development Coordinator for Northumberland Food for Thought.

Last year close to 6000 students in Northumberland County benefited from a breakfast, lunch, or snack program at school. These programs are open to all and promote healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Looking for a way to help your local school community? Interested in spending time with a fantastic group of dedicated volunteers? Then contact me to find a school in your area!

By coming together with a common goal... we can make sure that students in Northumberland County receive the food they need to be ready to learn.

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All donations are made through Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit.  The Health Unit provides NFFT with in-kind accounting services.  All donations are used by NFFT to assist Northumberland County Student Nutrition Programs.donatenow4 (2)

Spirit of Giving

Posted on November 28, 2014 11:39

– Proceeds from 100-Mile Diet Event Latest Example of Community Generosity to Help Student Learning –

(NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY) – Some Grafton-area residents who promote locally-grown food are sharing the fruit of their labours to help fuel student learning in this area.

Members of St. Andrew’s United Church in Grafton recently donated $1,139 to Northumberland Food For Thought (NFFT). The money, raised from the 100-Mile Diet Event organized by the church this past September, will be used to buy apples from Moore Orchards in Northumberland County to feed students who use school nutrition programs in the area.

It’s the seventh straight year that church members have raised funds for student nutrition programs. According to an NFFT representative, the donation illustrates the importance of the community’s generosity to help fuel student learning in local schools.

“Donations from groups like the organizers of the 100-Mile Diet Event are critical to the success of student nutrition programs in our community,” says Susan Greenwood, Community Development Co-ordinator with Northumberland Food For Thought. “Without people, organizations and businesses giving of their time, talents and financial support, we would not be able to support the hundreds of students in Northumberland County who use our services every day.”

Northumberland Food For Thought is the non-profit partnership that co-ordinates the 38 school nutrition programs in the area. These programs are free for any student who wants to take part in them. While local school nutrition programs are funded primarily by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, additional community support is also required to make ends meet, Greenwood notes.

As the holiday season approaches, she encourages local residents, organizations and businesses to consider giving their time, talents or financial contributions to assist Northumberland Food For Thought. “There is an ongoing need for school nutrition programs in Northumberland, and that’s where volunteers and donours can make a big difference in ensuring students have the food they require to succeed in school,” Greenwood adds.

More people are always welcome to give of their time to assist with local school nutrition programs. Currently, NFFT estimates that these volunteers contribute more than 45,000 hours every year.

Donations of funds, food, and supplies to nutrition programs are also needed…and encouraged.

To find out about Northumberland Food For Thought, including opportunities to volunteer or donate, contact the organization at (905) 372-7863 or visit NFFT’s website.

For media inquiries, contact:
Susan Greenwood, Community Development Co-ordinator, Northumberland Food For Thought, (905) 372-7863,
or Sarah Tsang, Chairperson, Northumberland Food For Thought, (905) 885-9100.
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